Vision & strategy

Strategic sectors

The historical priority sectors will be subjected to detailed analysis to determine how best to approach them in the future.

To determine priorities in those different sectors, SFPIM will first look at added value in terms of sustainability, technology and infrastructure, all of which are enabling factors that confirm that it is necessary to support those projects. From the same perspective, assets relating to innovation and the new economy will be important sources of direct and indirect investments of SFPIM, since they have a catalytic effect on its investment strategy. In addition to these cross-cutting criteria employment will of course remain one of the essential factors driving the investment decisions of SFPIM.


The strength of the Fintech ecosystem in Belgium lies in the B2B solutions. The SFPI-FPIM will capitalise on that strength, by supporting the...
Picto Finance


Due to its central position in Europe, Belgium attracted many aviation players, making this...
Picto Aeronautics


The priorities in the traditional subsectors of healthcare and the life sciences are determined based on different...
Picto Health


This investment philosophy gaining increasingly in importance in the financial sector. It is important to distinguish...
Picto Impact

Energy & utilities

When it comes to the energy transition, we are up against a colossal challenge, especially if we take into account...
Picto Energy & utilities

Transport & mobility

Mobility is an important sector for Belgium. The country has an open economy and is a logistics hub in the heart of...
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